Are you able to escape in 60 minutes?

Amedaka Evasion

About Amedaka Evasion

Amedaka Evasion’s mission is to offer you an immersive experience featuring strategy, reflection, communication, adrenaline and fun. Amedaka is also the first escape game to settle in Granby. Directly on Main Street, our team is waiting for teams ready to take up the challenge: to escape in just one hour. Will you roll up your sleeves and cooperate with your colleagues to solve the puzzles?

About escape games

Who is this escape game aimed at? To everybody. Family, groups of friends, colleagues, couples… And of all ages! More the merrier, the merrier!
You don’t know the principle of escape games? It is very simple. In a team, you will need to search, find clues, solve puzzles, operate mechanisms and meet all kinds of challenges to complete your mission and escape the scenario in which you are a prisoner. Obviously, adding a time limit makes the task much more exciting. Indeed, you have a maximum of one hour to complete everything. Otherwise, you remain a prisoner for a total immersion! Don’t panic… we will pick you up!

In order to offer you a wide variety of activities, Amedaka Evasion is extremely excited to announce that we are now retailing table break games Unlock!, Escape The Room, Deckscape, and Exit. We offer you two choices : renting, or buying games.


The rental is for a period of 7 days. Knowing that the games are for single use, and that once a game has been played, it can not be replayed, it may be advantageous to opt for the rental of the game. So leave for a week with a game of table break for only $10.*


The purchase of table escape games is also possible. Games in the Deckscape collection cost $16.99, Exit $19.99, Escape The Room, $29,99 and Unlock!, $39.99.**

* At the game rental, you pay $ 5 + the game price, and the game price will be refunded upon return of the game.
** All prices listed above are taxable.

Where to stay?

Located just 5 minutes from Amedaka Evasion, Hotel Castel –  with 136 spacious and comfortable rooms   ̶ is the ideal place for a stay with your partner, family or friends. With its 3 restaurants, its relaxation area offering treatments, outdoor spas and gardens, you will find everything you need for a relaxing stay.