Are you able to escape in 60 minutes?

Escape room board games

Purchase or rental

The rental is for a period of 7 days. Knowing that the games are for single use only, and that once a game has been played it cannot be replayed, it may be advantageous to opt for the rental of the game. So leave for a week with a game. table escape for only $ 10. *


The purchase of table escape games is also possible. The games in the Deckscape collection retail for $ 16.99, Exit for $ 19.99, Escape The Room for $ 29.99 and Unlock!, $ 39.99. **

* When you rent the game, you pay $ 10 + the game price, and the game price will be refunded to you when you return from the game.

** All prices listed above are taxable.

How to order?

Whether it is for the purchase of a game, or for the rental, contact us by email or directly on the Facebook page.

Which game do I choose?

Learn a bit more about each game collection to make your choice! All games are 60 minutes long.

Available in French only.


Unlock! game boxes contain three different games, of three different levels. To play, you will need to download a free mobile application. This application will be your game master (it will give you clues and animate your game). Some games have additional items and cards to complete the game, while others are played only with the card deck (around sixty cards).


Exit game boxes count one game. There are several difficulty levels, from beginner to expert. The game is played with playing cards, clue cards of different levels and a solution wheel. Enter your combination into the wheel, and see if you got the right answer! Some game boxes will include additional items to help you succeed your mission.


Deckscape game boxes are pocket sized. Compared to other fairly linear boxes, Deckscape games are much less so. You can therefore play separately. These games are played only with the cards of the game, that is to say about sixty “enigma” and “object” cards. The games in this collection are of a slightly easier level than the Exit and Unlock! Collections.

Escape The room

The Escape The Room collection offers two completely different games that feature a highly developed narrative. The games are filled with objects. You will therefore have a lot of handling to do. These objects are found in envelopes that will open as you progress in the game. You can find clues, a soundtrack and instructions to rewind the game online.

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