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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

No refund is offered if you decide to cancel less than 24 hours before the start of your game, or not to show up for your reservation.

Terms and conditions

By making the reservation, I understand that:

  • I understand that I participate in the game at my own risk.
  • My physical and mental condition allows me to participate in this type of game
  • I will follow the instructions given by the responsible staff
  • I accept that my name and my image be used for the promotion of the company
  • Amédaka Évasion reserves the right to refuse access to the games to any person under the effects of alcohol or drugs. No refund will then be issued, instead a credit will be sent to you as compensation

Late policy

Out of respect for the staff and to allow you the best gaming experience possible, we kindly ask that you arrive 15 minutes early before the game start time (indicated in the attached booking confirmation). If you are late, your playing time may be reduced.