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Operation Mindfall

Will you be able to escape?
Operation Mindfall

110 $

per group
Suitable for families
1 - 10
120 minutes
Physical level
Fear factor

About this game

How do outdoor games work?

All games are equipped with augmented reality puzzles. Interact with virtual avatars, treasure chests and other objects that appear in the real world!

Discover the city of Granby on foot! The route of just over two kilometers will transport you to different locations in the city center where you will have to solve puzzles interacting with the elements of the game kit and the iPad.

First go at 337, rue Principale in Granby to pick up your game kit, your iPad and your instructions. You can then begin your adventure by heading on foot towards the first marker.

You will have 2 hours to complete the course and complete your mission.

Only available in French for now.


We are W.I.S.E.: an independent, international intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the world from danger. Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population. Needless to say, this is an incredible power. To stop Spider Tech, we created Operation Mindfall and chose you as our agents. Your task: Obtain the antidote to stop Spider Tech! You only have a limited amount of time – can you do it?