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House of Fear – Call of Blood

Will you be able to escape?
House of Fear – Call of Blood

32 $

per person
Not suitable for families
2 - 3
60 minutes
Physical level
Fear factor

About this game

Prepare to embark on a harrowing journey through the halls of the Delusion Psychiatric Clinic, a place forever marked by horrific terror. It was a cold Halloween morning when the walls of the clinic witnessed an indescribable horror: the lifeless, bloodless bodies of the two men. Staff and patients scattered everywhere. The police investigation revealed that two people were missing in this macabre scene: the director of the clinic and a 12-year-old patient named Emily. The chief doctor, known for his allegations of torture and inhumane treatment, has been accused several times. Rumors swirled through the winding corridors, suggesting that the tragedy may have been triggered by the supernatural abilities possessed by the tormented 12-year-old girl, Emily Hunter. Her powers acted like a sinister beacon, drawing malevolence from the darkest corners of the region. You are the forensic investigator in a race against time. Your task is to discover the truth and locate Emily. By helping her, you aspire to bring her the long-awaited serenity that this innocent child was tragically denied. The question is not only whether you can escape the horrors unfolding within these cursed walls, but whether you can persevere long enough to free the innocent soul trapped within this web of darkness. Will you discover the truth with your sanity intact, or will the darkness of the Delusion Psychiatric Clinic consume you forever?