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Sherlock Holmes

Will you be able to escape?
Sherlock Holmes

35 $

per person
Not suitable for families
2 - 6
60 minutes
Physical level
Fear factor

About this game

The famous Detective Sherlock Holmes calls on you, the Francs Tireurs, to solve this investigation. A body was found near his home, and he would be in a conflict of interest if he were to investigate it himself. It is in your hands that Holmes entrusts the solution of this crime. Who’s the murderer? What weapon has been used? What secrets hide behind this crime? Will you gather all the evidence to lead to an arrest?


The presence of at least one person aged 16 and over is required to participate in this game.

All children aged 8 and under play for free, up to one free child per paying player. Identification may be requested to confirm the child’s age. Make sure you have one on hand.