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When the clock trikes midnight

Will you be able to escape?
When the clock trikes midnight

35 $

per person
Suitable for families
2 - 8
60 minutes
Physical level
Fear factor

About this game

Your friends reminded you in the schoolyard that you grew up in a very special house. A mysterious house in which your parents had set up a playroom in a quasi-secret room. In addition, since you were little, every birthday your toys have been terrified of being abandoned. So you’ve gotten into the habit of reassuring them so they don’t turn into little monsters. Today is your birthday and you don’t have much time left to reassure them. In reality, you only have an hour left on your birthday. If you don’t reassure them, they might be angry with you for a long time!

All children aged 8 and under play for free, up to one free child per paying player.