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Is it time to organize a stimulating activity with your employees, and the inspiration is gone? Escape games from Amedaka Evasion are here for you. Whether rewarding them for exceptional work, or for an unforgettable Christmas party, all the reasons are good for challenging yourself.

The activities proposed by Amedaka Evasion are recognized to create a group cohesion, the benefit that harmonizes your team building. Communication, mutual aid and listening are key elements of a productive business, and these are just enormously solicited by the games of escape.

“Very nice team building experience. Assistance is at the rendezvous. Beautiful scenery, interesting level of difficulty, friendly reception and support of the playmaker useful and fair. Thank you for this beautiful experience. The team appreciated!”

As this employer shows, the three Amedaka escape rooms offer different levels of difficulty, allowing teams to challenge themselves. The challenge is at the rendezvous.

Having fun while increasing productivity?

Indeed, improving the harmony of a working group through a team building activity also improves the performance of a company. Having fun for better professional results is therefore very attractive, admit it!

3 escape rooms, soon 6!

Amédaka Évasion offers you the possibility to choose from three rooms to date: Ballroom, Condorcet and Tourmentium. As we always want to offer more, three new rooms will be created in the year 2019.

Several group packages are available to allow you to play as much as you can. Contact us for more information and book now to ensure you have the day of your choice.