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Dear parents, we have heard your heart cry about reconciliation escape game and family. Although all our games are adapted and accessible to children (accompanied by adults), we felt that the need for an even more family-friendly room was urgent. It is therefore in response to the great demand for a game even more adapted than our previous families and children, that Amedaka Evasion is proud to prepare a special escape room: When the Clock Strikes Midnight!

This room is not yet open, and we can not give a specific date as to the opening. For the sake of perfectionism, we want to open this scenario only when it is really ready. However, we are doing our best to open this 4th room by the beginning of July 2019.

When the Clock Strikes Midnight plunge us into an adventure totally different from the usual scenarios where our life is in danger. On the contrary! During this hour, it is the well-being of the toys of your childhood which is in danger. Return to childhood and travel back in time to find the house where you grew up. This same house that attracted the comments of your comrades of the playground! They were all right : you had a secret game room! What else could it hide?

Several studies prove it, you know … The happiest children are those who spend a lot of time with family! Make your children happy and give them time with the family. Challenge yourself with family riddles.

In short, the fourth scenario of Amedaka Evasion will open this summer, and will be followed by another opening very close : the fifth scenario… The bets are open!